Program Requirements

Holders of a Law Degree

LLM candidates with a legal background are expected to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours. The duration is normally one academic year. 

Typical Study Plan (pdf)

General Core Requirements (6 credits)

Number Course Cr.
LLM813 Legal Ethics  3
LLM831 Legal Research and Writing 3

Emphasis Core Requirements (3 credits)

Number Course Cr.
LLM823 Accounting, Finance and Strategy for Lawyers* 3

* Mandatory except for business graduates. They should replace this course by any other elective. 

Elective Requirements (21 credits)
Any 7 of the following courses

Number Course Cr.
LLM845 Corporate Finance Laws and Regulations 3
LLM846 Corporate Governance 3
LLM852 Family Businesses and Offices 3
LLM853 Secured Transactions 3
LLM854 International Financial and Banking Regulations 3
LLM855 Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructurings 3
LLM856 International Intellectual Property   3
LLM861 International Courts and Processes 3
LLM865 Law of Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructurings 3
LLM866 International Trade  3
LLM872 Islamic Banking and Finance  3
LLM875 Project Finance and Public Private Partnerships 3
LLM876 Alternative Dispute Resolutions 3
LLM877 Negotiations 3
LLM880  Topics in Business Law 3

Holders of a Non-law Degree

Holders of a non-law degree should complete a total of 54 credits – 24 credits of Remedial Courses in addition to the above-mentioned 30 credits of General, Emphasis and Elective Requirements.

Typical Study Plan for Remedial Courses (pdf)

Remedial Courses (24 credits)

Number Course                                                          Cr.
LLM511 Introduction to Law  3
LLM512 Corporate Law  3
LLM513 Contracts  3
LLM514 Civil Procedure and Litigation 3
LLM521 Constitutional Law 3
LLM522 Criminal Law 3
LLM523 Property Law 3
LLM524 Torts: Personal Injury and Negligence 3