Program Requirements

Students must complete a total of 30 credits composed of:

Course Requirements (24 credits)

Research Requirements (6 credits)

Students with a non-business background are required to take additional courses (6 credits) to acquire sufficient general knowledge in human resource management:  

Additional courses:

  • MGT 831 Management Theory (3 credits)
  • MGT 851 Leadership, Ethics and Team Management (3 credits)

Minimum a grade of B.

Typical Course Plan

Course Requirements(24 credits):

 Course No.  Course Title  Credits
 HRM 701 Strategic Human Resources Management  3
 HRM 703 Recruitment and Selection  1.5
 HRM 705 Training and Development   1.5
 HRM 711 Performance  Measurement and Management  3
 HRM 721 Labor  Law, Ethics, and Diversity  3
 HRM 713 Compensation Packages  1.5
 HRM 715 Job Analysis and Job Evaluation  1.5
 HRM 723 Return on Investment in Human Capital  3
 HRM 707 Advanced Organizational Behavior  3
 HRM 717 Research Methods in Human Resources Management  3

Research Requirements(6 credits):

 Course No.  Course Title  Credits
 HRM 898 Research Topic in Business: HRM (project)  3
 HRM 897 Internship (Practicum) in Human Resources Management  3
 HRM 899 Thesis in Human Resources Management  Studies  6