Program Requirements

To obtain the BS in Business degree with emphasis, the student should complete a total of 92 credits composed of:

- Business Core Requirements (33 credits)
- Emphasis Requirements (respective of each emphasis found below)
- Business Electives (9 credits)
Liberal Arts Curriculum LAC (28 credits)* 
- Free Electives (the remainder of credits, respective of the emphasis)  

*The 34 credits of general university requirements minus 6 credits for ECO201 & ECO202 (business core requirements) that are also included in the LAC
Core Requirements (36 credits)
Number Course Cr.
ACC203 Financial Accounting 3
ACC204 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS213 Business Law and Ethics 3
BUS299 Civic Engagement 0
ECO201 Microeconomics 3
ECO202 Macroeconomics 3
FIN301 Managerial Finance 3
ITM211 Information Technology Management 3
MGT201 Introduction to Management 3
MGT420 Strategic Planning and Policy Formulation 3
MKT201 Introduction to Marketing 3
OPM301 Operations and Production Management 3
QBA201 Managerial Statistics 3
Total   36

Emphasis Requirements

In addition to the core requirements, each emphasis has its own number of credits to be completed in the selected emphasis area. 

Go to the selected emphasis page to view the suggested study plan