Dr. Abdul-Nasser Kassar


Abdul-Nasser El-Kassar is an Associate Professor at Adnan Kassar School of Business. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. With a background in both Mathematics and Engineering Management (MSc, University of Louisiana, 1986), his research ranges from Cryptography to Engineering management and its underlying mathematics. His research has been published in recognized journals including the Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Global Review of Business and Economic Research, and the Business Review.

Teaching interests

  • Business Statistics
  • Quantitative Methods in Business
  • Real Analysis
  • Differential Equations
  • Multivariate Analysis

Research interests

  • Cryptography
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Number Theory

Executive Training

  • Executive Education Project Manager, LAU, 2012-date.
  • Offered a seminar on Research using Mathematica at the Middle East Mathematica Conference, LAU, 2009. 

Selected publications

Ramzi A. Haraty, Abdul Nasser Kassar, and Suzan Fanous. El Gamal Public Key Cryptosystem in the Second Group of Units of Zn and Z2[x]/<h(x)>. International Arab Journal of Information Technology. ISSN: 1683-3198. 2013.

El Haj Chehade, Eva A; El Tannir, Akram; El-Kassar, A.N. The Technical Implementation of the New Generation of the RFID System, Global Review of Business and Economic Research. Volume 8, Number 1 pages 35-51, 2012.

El-Kassar, A.N., Salameh, M., and Bitar, M., The Effects of Time Value of Money on the EPQ Model with Imperfect Quality Raw Material. Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal (AIMSJ) 2013.

El-Kassar, A.N., Salameh, M., and Bitar, M., EPQ Model with Imperfect Quality Raw Material, Math. Balkanica, Vol. 26, 123-132, 2012.

El-Kassar, A.N., Chams, N., and Karkoulian, S., Organizational Climate and its Effects on the Employees’ Commitment, The Business Review, Cambridge, December 2011.