Dr. Ilhan Sezer


Ilhan Sezer is an assistant professor of economics. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Bilkent University as well as an MA and a PhD in Economics from Princeton University. His fields of study include political economy, economic theory and its applications.

Teaching Interests

  • Economic Theory
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Public Economics
  • Managerial Economics

Research Interests       

  • Political Economy
  • Economic Theory
  • Applied Game Theory

Working Papers

  • Turnout, Polarization and Duverger’s Law Linked with Altruism
  • Polarization and Participation in Large Elections
  • A Theory of Democratic Peace and Power Shift

Other Publications

  • Bayram, S., Vanli, N.D., Dulek, B., Sezer, I. & Gezici, S. (2012). Optimal Power Allocation for Average Power Constrained Jammers in the Presence of non-Gaussian Noise.  IEEE Communications Letters, 16(8), 1153-1156.