Dr. Ahmad Jachi


Ahmad Jachi is currently a professor of practice in the Department of Economics and Department of Finance and Accounting. His experience as first vice governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon and as the global head of Islamic finance contributed to the development of the global Islamic finance industry for the last twenty years. He holds a PhD in Economics from NIU and is author of a number of papers in the fields of economics and finance. He has also served as a referee for the Review of Middle East Economics and Finance. He has worked as a consultant for several international organizations, namely ESCWA, UNCTAD and Harvard University HIIAD, and has also founded Al-Buhous, a center for economic and financial studies, in 1995. 

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Islamic Finance
  • Risk Management for IFIs
  • Economics of Strategy

Consulting Activities

Consultant for a number of leading Islamic finance institutions

Selected Publications

The Islamic Finance Risk Initiative: Risk Management for Islamic Financial Institutions” GARP 2015