Dr. Faten Saliba


Dr. Faten Saliba is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Lebanese American University and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. She earned her PhD and MSc in Economics from the University of Manchester. She has been a research analyst and a consultant in several international organisations such as the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, International Monetary Fund in Washington DC and Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia in Beirut.

Her research area focuses on policy evaluation related to labour market and development issues. She relies on micro econometric techniques to empirically assess the effectiveness of existing regulations/schemes. Her current work focuses on technology and the future of work, happiness and labour productivity and youth unemployment in the MENA region.

Saliba has also earned two certificates of Leadership from Harvard University and Leadership Management International.

Teaching Interests

  •  Microeconomics 
  • Macroeconomics 
  • Introductory Econometrics
  • Labor Economics
  • Economic Development
  • Foundation of Political Economy
  • International Economics
  • Economic history
  • Environmental Economics

Research Interests

  • Labor Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • MENA economies
  • Gender Economics
  • Policy evaluation


Ernst.& Saliba, F.(2018). Are House Prices Responsible for Unemployment Persistence?Open Economy Review, 29,795-833 

Working Papers

Saliba, F. & Wossink, A. (2019). Assessing the Labour Market Impact of Rural Development Policies across EU Regions, Journal of Agricultural Economics (under revision)

Saliba, F. & Wossink, A. (2019). Heterogeneity in Environmental Practices:The Role of Voluntary Information based Environmental Policy,Land use Policy (under revision)

Baduel, B. Pierre, G., Roos, E. & Saliba, F. (2019). Evidence from Youth in the Middle East and North Africa-International Monetary Fund, Working paper series(under revision)