Dr. Tania Kallab


Tania Kallab joined LAU AKSOB as an adjunct lecturer in Fall 2016. She holds a PhD in Economics from ESSEC Business School jointly with Université Cergy-Pontoise, an MSc in Business Administration from ESSEC Business School as well as a master in research in economic analysis from Université Cergy-Pontoise, and a BS in Economics from LAU. She has academic experience as an instructor and teaching assistant at ESSEC, and as course animator at ESCP. She is a member of a number of business and economic associations and research centers, such as the Business PhD in France Association, THEMA Research Center and the American Economic Association. In addition, she has been working as a research assistant for the 100 Resilient Cities program, as part of Byblos technical team, a program with the main aim of creating resilient strategies for the city. Her ongoing research lies in the fields of economic history, institutions, and trade. 

Teaching Interests

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Economics of Organizations and Management
  • Economic Development

Research Interests

  • Economic History
  • International Economics
  • Economics of Institutions and Development
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Trade

Selected Publications

El Kallab, T., & Terra, C. (2018). French Colonial Trade Patterns and European Settlements. Comparative Economic Studies, 60(3), 291-331.

El Kallab, T. (2018). French colonial trade patterns: facts and impacts. African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics-Afjare, 13(1), 15-+.

Kallab, T. & Salloum C. (2017). Educational Attainment, Financial Support and Job Creation across Lebanese Social Entrepreneurships. Entrepreneurship Research Journal.

Kallab, T. (2014). Global imbalances: Made in USA or made in China (No 2014-28) THEMA Discussion Paper. 100 Resilient Cities. Resilient Byblos: Connecting with our past, creating our future. Retrieved from: http://www.100resilientcities.org/page/-/100rc/pdfs/Byblos%20ResStrat_Eng_Onlineversion.pdf