Dr. Nouri Beyrouti


Nouri Beyrouti is an associate professor in marketing management and advertising. He holds a PhD in Production Operations Management with a specialization in Marketing Communications Management and Technology for the Broadcast and Print Media Industries (Business Operations Research & Development) from New York University. He also has an MA in Production Management, with a specialization in Marketing Communications Management and Technology from New York University, and a background in interior architecture design. His research areas of interest are focused around Consumer preferences in the Lebanese market, and the effects of information on customers’ bargaining power in Lebanon.

Teaching Interests

  • Marketing Management
  • Management Theory
  • Marketing Communications
  • Emerging Markets and Adapting Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Channels and Logistic Strategies

Research Interests

  • Customer Bargaining Power in Lebanon
  • Consumer Market Preferences in Lebanon
  • Marketing Communications and Strategies
  • Sustaining a Competitive Advantage

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals:

Charbaji, A.R & Beyrouti, N.(2012). The Attitude of Lebanese Plastic Surgery Clinics Towards Implementing E-CRM. Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, 2012(4), June 2012.

Beyrouti, N. & Jaber, W. (2011). Physical Exercise/ Fitness: Job Satisfaction and Work productivity. International Journal of Strategic Management, 11(1). 

Beyrouti, N. (2010). Internet Shopping: The Effects of Information on Customers’ Bargaining Power in Lebanon. International Journal of Business Strategy10(2).

Beyrouti, N. (2010). The South Korean Automobiles and Spare Parts Export Market: An Assessment of the Lebanese Market for Korean Products, and Consumer Preferences. International Journal of Business Strategy, 10(1). 

Beyrouti, N. (2010). The Succession Process and Leadership in Lebanon Family Business. Journal of International Diversity, 2010(3), 7.