Mr. Hassan Naja


Hassan Naja is a senior instructor of Marketing at the Lebanese American University. He holds an MS in Business Administration from Embry Riddle University in Florida, and a BS in Business Administration from the New England College, in New Hampshire, US. His teaching interests revolve mainly around Marketing such as Global and Services Marketing and Marketing Management.

Teaching Interests

  • Global Marketing
  • Retailing Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Global Marketing

Executive Training

Designed and delivered Offered around 500  seminars and workshops including Basics of Marketing, Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing Planning, Professional Sales Techniques, Sales Management, Quantitative Marketing Research, Qualitative Marketing Research, Presentation Skills, CRM, and Professional Skills for Administrative Assistants

Consulting Activities

Consultant (activities cover full Strategic Marketing Planning and implementation or parts of, such as New Product Development, Pricing and financial implications, Marketing Research Projects, CRM planning and implementation, Retail Strategies, Marketing Communication Plans and implementation, Sales Planning, Sales Promotions, Performance Evaluation and Incentive Schemes, Structuring Marketing and Sales departments by designing job descriptions, requirements, reporting, and individual job fit interviews and criteria. Other activities cover training seminars with pre-training and/or post -training HR evaluation.)