Mission and Vision


To be recognized as the leading HR institute in Lebanon and the Middle East region.


The HRM institute was founded at the Lebanese American University. It is currently directed by Dr. Silva Karkoulian – Associate Professor of Management. It consists of eight board members who are appointed every 3 years. Meetings are to be held at least once on an annual basis where new ideas, problems, solutions and strategies will be discussed amongst members. Through a knowledge-based culture, the institute will definitely advance the organization’s mission as well as enhance its growth and productivity.


  • Hold events and workshops that would add value to the stakeholders by being socially responsible.
  • Develop a career path for employees and support their growth by training them.
  • Collaborate with institutes and organizations to advance the practices of Human resources.
  • Organize conferences to give candidates the opportunity to interact with HR professionals and build their social network.
  • Direct a panel where experts discuss the latest trends in HR and share their knowledge.
  • Conduct exhibitions to exchange information on the challenges and opportunities in HR.
  • Hold seminars and invite speakers to talk about certain topics in the HR area.
  • Distribute certificates to candidates who attend workshops and seminars to develop their career path.
  • Create programs to enhance the employees’ skills and competencies.
  • Promote corporate social responsibility by arranging activities that benefits the stakeholders and the environment.


To have a better understanding of HR’s global trends and promote the enhancement of HR functions.