Admission to EMBA

Applicants to the EMBA program are expected to have professional preparation and accomplishments with a sound academic background. Applicants who hold executive positions will have priority in admission.
Prospective applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree in business studies or equivalent from a recognized university. Admission is granted on a selective and competitive basis to those who have demonstrated aptitude for distinct leadership and career enhancement, and possess managerial skills, increased workplace responsibilities, high ethical standards, perseverance, intellectual curiosity, academic ability and motivation.

With regards to the admission criterion for EMBA, the applicant is expected to have:

  1. B.S. degree from a recognized university.
  2. The applicant should have a minimum of six years of working experience with a middle management or higher supervisory position.
  3. Proficiency in English. Applicants from a non-English University have to demonstrate proficiency in English through:
    • A University EEE administered exam (minimum score of 550)
    • A paper-based TOEFL(minimum score of 575)
    • An international-based TOEFL (minimum score of 90)
    • A computer-based TOEFL (minimum score of 233)
  4. All applicants will be interviewed for assessment by the Admissions Committee.

Meeting these requirements, however, does not guarantee admission to the program. The Admissions Committee has the final decision.

Applicants who are short of meeting the above requirements might be considered for “probationary” admission provided they have “significant supervisory work experience.” Students admitted on probation will earn regular status upon the completion of 6 EMBA credits with at least 3.0 average and no more than one “C” grade.

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