About the School

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty embodies business expertise and teaching excellence.

The faculty at the Adnan Kassar School of Business consists of top academics, researchers and experts in their respective business fields, within the main five departments of the School, bringing timely information and innovative knowledge to the classrooms. Their contribution to the world of academia is continuous, including research projects, publications in international journals, international conference proceedings, fellowships and business partnerships. 

One of the School’s main aims is to support valuable research initiatives and analysis of business trends across all industries as well as encourage partnerships with international institutions, in order to contribute to the world of applied business theory. 

Department of Economics

Full-Time Faculty

ali-fakih.jpgDr. Ali Fakih
Professor, and Chair of the Department of Economics

wassim-shahin-thumbnail1.jpgDr. Wassim Shahin
Professor, and Dean of the Adnan Kassar School of Business

ghassan-dibeh-thumb.jpgDr. Ghassan Dibeh
Professor, and Associate Dean of the Adnan Kassar School of Business

Dr. Abdallah Dah

walid-marrouch-thumb.jpgDr. Walid Marrouch
Professor, and Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies & Research

salpie-djoundourian-400x600.jpgDr. Salpie Djoundourian
Associate Professor, and Associate Dean of the Adnan Kassar School of Business

hussein-zeaiter-thumb.jpgDr. Hussein Zeaiter
Associate Professor

mohammad-karaki.jpgDr. Mohamad Karaki
Associate Professor

george-harb-thumb.jpgDr. George Harb
Associate Professor

leila-dagher-thumb.jpgDr. Leila Dagher
Associate Professor, and Assistant to the President for Public Policy

jamal-haidar.jpgDr. Jamal Haidar
Assistant Professor

hassan-sherry.jpgDr. Hassan Sherry
Assistant Professor

mary-habib.jpgDr. Mary Habib

Adjunct Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Ms. Hiba Amro

Ms. Rihab Baltaji

Ms. Nora El Baba

Dr. Wissam Fahed

Mr. Anthony Fakhoury

Ms. Rasha Fattouh

Dr. Khalil Gebara

Ms. Ghida Hajj Diab

Dr. Rudy Keyrouz

Ms. Rita Mahfouz

Dr. Mohamad Hussein Mansour

Ms. Manuella Nehme

Ms. Lana Tabch

Dr. Abir Takieddine

Ms. Noma Ziadeh

Full-Time Staff

Department of Finance & Accounting

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Wissam Abdallah
Chair of the Finance and Accounting Department and an Associate Professor of finance

rim-el-khoury-thumb.jpgDr. Rim El Khoury
Associate Professor

sebouh-aintablian-thumb.jpgDr. Sebouh Aintablian

ahmoud-araisi-thumb.jpgDr. Mahmoud Araissi

tony-assad-thumbnail.jpgMr. Tony Assad

Dr. Salim Baz

elie-el-bouri-thumb.jpgDr. Elie Bouri

mustafa-dah-thumb.jpgDr. Mustafa Dah

walid-el-gammal-thumb.jpgDr. Walid Elgammal

sami-sadaka-thumb.jpgDr. Sami Sadaka

mohammad-umar-thumb.jpgMuhammad Umar
Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Ms. Nahla Andraos

Mr. Georges Assaf

Mr. Amine El Hajj

Dr. Sonia Hajjar

Mr. Hadi Hammoud

Ms. Hiba Hassan

Dr. Mohamad Kassem

Ms. Ghada Chami Majzoub

Mr. Abed El Hafiz Marrush

Mr. Samer Taweel

Mr. Ibrahim El Zoghbi

Full-Time Staff

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Mr. Mohammad Azakir

Dr. Serge Chamelian

Full-Time Staff

Department of IT & Operations Management

Full-Time Faculty

manal-yunis-thumb.jpgDr. Manal Yunis
Associate professor and the chairperson of the Information Technology and Operations Management department

dia-bandaly-thumb.jpgDr. Dia Bandaly

khodr-fakih.jpgDr. Khodr Fakih

dunia-harajili.jpgDr. Dunia Harajli

abdul-nasser-kassar-thumb.jpgDr. Abdul-Nasser Kassar

issam-kouatli.jpgDr. Issam Kouatli

Dr. Joelle Nader

jordan-srour-thumb.jpgDr. Jordan Srour

abbas-tarhini-thumb.jpgDr. Abbas Tarhini

Adjunct Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Ms. Yana Awad

Dr. Bilal Bader

Ms. Olfat El Sabeh

Dr. Mohamad Hajj

Dr. Ali Hejaze

Dr. Manal Khalil

Dr. Wael Sadek

Mr. Adel Saheb

Dr. Dany Samaha

Dr. Hassan Shamas

Dr. Mageda Sharafeddin

Dr. Mariam Shebaya

Mohamad Shreim

Full-Time Staff

Department of Management Studies

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Maryanne Fayad

Dr. Ghinwa Mikdashi

Dr. Joseph Nasr

Mr. Jihad Njeim

Ms. Amal Rouhana

Ms. Rima Selman

Dr. Maya Shayya

Mr. Tarek Shebaya

Dr. Philip Zgheib

Full-Time Staff

Department of Marketing

Full-Time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Full-Time Staff