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Dr. Sebouh Aintablian


Sebouh Aintablian is an assistant professor of finance. He has a PhD in Finance from York University in Toronto, Canada, in addition to a BS and MS in Business Studies from the Lebanese American University. His research interests are centered around topics such as foreign currency borrowing, market response to announcements of mergers & acquisitions and corporate loan announcements, in addition to stock market performance. He has been a consultant for the finance and budget committee at the Lebanese Parliament since 2010. 

Teaching Interests

Research Interests

Executive Training

Taught the following courses in the Executive MBA program: Working Capital Management, Long-term Financial Policies, Capital Budgeting, and Portfolio Theory.

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals:

S.Aintablian & Roberts, G.S.(2000). A Note on Market Response to Corporate Loan Announcements in Canada. Journal of Banking and Finance , 24(3), 381-393.

Roberts, G.S.,Vijayraghavan, V. & Aintablian, S. (2002). Stock Index-linked Debt and Shareholder Value: Evidence from the Paris Bourse.European Financial Management, 8(3), 339-356.

Aintablian, S.  & Chamseddine, B. (2006). The Impact of Holidays on Stock Market Performance: Evidence from Jordanian and Egyptian Stock Markets. Journal of Development and Economic Policies8(2), 5-35.

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