Research Highlight: Swayed by a Bot

Seminal work coauthored by Dr. Zahy Ramadan on computer-generated social media influencers both answers and poses questions on the future of influencer marketing.

Citation Counts in Business Schools: Why They Matter, and How to Get Them

Dr. Guy Assaker and Dean Wassim Shahin authored a paper identifying the factors that influence citation counts in the business field, specifically journal articles collected from a medium research output business school in the Middle East.

A Devastating Event or a Turning Point? How to Survive the Next Sales Crisis

Along with a group of international sales scholars, Dr. Omar Itani authored a paper that examines how a sales function should prepare for, withstand, and learn from a crisis.

Roundtable Discussion Spotlights Corporate Social Responsibility

Faculty and students from the Adnan Kassar School of Business examined sustainability and development initiatives in Lebanon and the region together with industry stakeholders.

Aviation in Practice

To help students of the Airline Operations and Industry Practices course put theory to practice, the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management…

Connecting Students With Industry

An experiential-learning event gave students of Intro to Applied Data Analytics the chance to present their dashboards to a jury from leading companies.

Female Fatality From COVID-19: A Macroeconomic Perspective

Dr. Ali Fakih co-authors a research paper investigating the role of institutional factors in the discrepancy between COVID-19 fatality rates for men and women.

Drivers of Youth Irregular Migration: Evidence from the MENA Region

Faculty members of the Department of Economics at the Adnan Kassar School of Business examine the push and pull factors in irregular migration pre- and post-Arab Spring.

Abate or Adapt? Research by LAU Faculty Provides Timely Answers to Climate Action Debate

Drs. Djoundourian and Marrouch co-author a paper that provides empirical evidence to refute a widely contested theory on climate action.

Enhancing Sales Performance Through Complementary Tech Tools and Empowerment of Personnel

A new study co-authored by Dr. Omar Itani argues for the use of social media, CRM and social CRM in sales and the self-determination of salespeople for optimal co-creation.