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Dr. Silva Karkoulian


Silva Karkoulian is the Associate Chair of the Department of Management Studies and an associate professor at the Adnan Kassar School of Business. She is also currently the Director of the Institute for Human Resources Management. She holds a PhD in Management from Leicester University and has a combined management and accounting background with an MA and a BSc in Business Accounting from LAU. 

Teaching Interests

Research Interests

Executive Training

Offered numerous seminars and workshops including Management Accounting and Budgeting (e.g. workshop for HP).

Consulting Activities

Selected Publications

Messarra, L. C., Karkoulian, S., & El-Kassar, A. N. (2016). Conflict resolution styles and personality: The moderating effect of generation X and Y in a non-Western context. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 65(6), 792 – 810.

Karkoulian, S., Srour J., & Sinan, T. (2016). A gender perspective on work-life balance, perceived stress, & locus of control. Journal of Business Research, 69(11), 4918-4923. 

Karkoulian, S., Assaker, G., & Hallak, R. (2015). An empirical study of 360-degree feedback, organizational justice, and firm sustainability. Journal of Business Research, 69(5). 

Karkoulian, S. (2015). The reign of leadership and power in just organizations. Contemporary Management Research, 11(2), 153-178.

Neal, M., Finlay, J., Karkoulian, S., Catana, D., & Pellegrina, R. (2015). How business students view corruption, and why this should concern us: Insights from Lebanon, Romania and the United States. Tertiary Education and Management, 21(2), 140-159.

Kassar, A. N., Karkoulian, S., Finlay, J., & Pellegrino, B. (2014). Nature vs. nurture: Can business education really alter cultural norms? 4D International Journal of Management and Science, 2550(669).

Ismail, H., & Karkoulian, S. (2013). Interviewers’ characteristics and post-hire attitudes and performance. Contemporary Management Research, 9(4), 441-462.