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Dr. Leila Messarra


Leila Canaan Messarra is an associate professor of management at the Lebanese American University. She holds an EdD with emphasis in Management from Leicester University, an MS in Banking and Money Management and a BS in Banking and Money Management with a concentration in Economics from  AdelphiUniversity in New York. Shehas written and published several articles in refereed journals. She is a member of many learned societies and is also a reviewer for several journals. 

Teaching Interests

Research Interests

Executive Training

Offered numerous seminars and workshops including in Managerial Leadership Excellence, Advanced Leadership Selling: Partnering for Success, Executive and Administrative Assistants: the Managerial Dimension, Executive Communication, Conflict Management, Leadership, and Time management.

Selected Publications

Karkoulian, S., Messarra, L. & McCarthy, R. (2012). The Intriguing Art of Knowledge Management and its Relation to Learning Organization. Journal of KnowledgeManagement, 17(4), 511-526.

Messarra, L. & El-Kassar, A.N. (2010). Effects of Religious Diversity on the Employees’ Perception and Reaction. Business Review Cambridge. 15(1), 159-163.

Messarra, L. (in press). Religious Diversity at Work: The Perceptual Effects of Religious Discrimination on Employee Engagement and Commitment. Contemporary Management Research: an international journal.

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