Faculty and Staff

Mr. Ibrahim El Haddad

Chef Ibrahim Haddad was born in Lebanon year 1973. After having studied Cooking and Culinary in his country, he continued gaining educational courses through all the 28 years of experience in the domain of Culinary, teaching and management.

In additional to his diploma in Cooking, other courses were taken as HACCP, Service Leadership, Craft Training, Food Hygiene, Managing and Development, Guest Courtesy and training. 

He worked in several restaurants (Cave de Dar Azar, Aishti, Velvet, Babylone, Shiver, ATCL, Don Elio and Fleuron), hotels (Holiday Inn) as executive chef and Cooking and Bakery teacher in several Universities and Institutes.  He also worked abroad in Qatar as an Executive Chef for Diet House Company and opened more than 12 branches in the area.

His areas of expertise are Food Production Management, Time and Schedule Management, Quality, Health and Safety Management, Cooking Lebanese, French and International Food.

Through his working period he was also a Culinary Consultant for several projects for opening restaurants including purchasing equipment, staff training, creating and launching menus.  Projects executed are Ramada Hotel, Aarayis Chain Restaurants, First Class Restaurant, Columbiano Coffee House Chains, VIP restaurant, Mr. Bean Café and Volcano Night Club.

Chef Ibrahim had been recognized with several culinary awards for his cooking talent.  Most of them were golden medals or valued prizes that he gained during his contribution in Horeca competitions and Nestle Middle East Cooking competition.

Chef Haddad ambition, hard work and experience also made him accept offers to add his recipes in magazines like Noun andالأمmagazines and contribute in TV cooking shows in OTV and Al Nahar Live cooking programs (several episodes).  He participated in Top Chef Middle East for year 2012 and reached the last episode.

He also had been a jury in LBCI Little Chef competition (Ahmar Bil Khat Al Arid) showed on October 2015.