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Dr. Hossein Eslami


Hossein Eslami is an associate professor of marketing. He holds a PhD in Marketing and an MSc in Industrial and Systems Engineering from NUS, Singapore, as well as a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Amirkabir Univeristy of Technology in Tehran. He has worked as a research coordinator for joint sustainability projects between NUS and Singaporean organizations, as a marketing research analyst for Gita Data Mining Research Institute , and as a manager for the marketing research project done for Esfahan Steel Company. He is affiliated with a multitude of international associations such as the Center for Social Development Asia, ASEAN CSR Network, INFORMS and American Marketing Association. His research focuses on new product diffusion models and on building quantitative models to explain consumers’ choices.

Teaching Interests

Research Interests


Research in Progress

Structural Model of Renewable Energy Diffusion: The Case of Solar Photovoltaic Panels (Job-Market Paper, with Trichy Krishnan and Surendra Rajiv)

Technology-Push or Demand-Pull? A Framework to Maximize the Diffusion of Renewable Energy

Empirical Model of Addiction Using Scanner Panel Data (with Junhong Chu)

Aggregate Vs. Micromodels of New Product Diffusion: Are We Comparing Apple with Orange? (with Trichy Krishnan)