Faculty and Staff

Dr. Josiane Fahed-Sreih

Chairperson of the Management Studies Department and an associate professor of management


Josiane Fahed-Sreih is the chairperson of the Management Studies Department and an associate professor of management at the Lebanese American University. She is also currently the Director of the Institute of Family and Entrepreneurial Business. She holds a PhD in Business from the Pantheon Sorbonne School of Business, Sorbonne University,  Paris. She has a combined background with a BSc in Business Administration from AUB and an MSc in Information Systems from St. Joseph University. Her research has predominantly centered around entrepreneurial development and success, particularly among small family businesses in Lebanon, in addition to exploring other topics such as wage discrimination and human resource planning.

Teaching Interests

Research Interests

Executive Training

Offered numerous seminars and workshops in areas such as Family Business Management, Corporate Governance, Human Resource Management, Managing Conflict and Negotiation and Creating New Business Ventures.

Consulting Activities

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals:

Sreih, J. & Djoundourian, S. (2008). Correlates of Longevity: A Regression Model. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 20(1), 61-71 (ISSN:1042-6337) 

Sreih, J. & Djoundourian, S. (2006). Determinants of Longevity and Success in Lebanese Family Businesses: An Exploratory Study. Family Business Review,19(3), 225-234.

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