Institute of Family & Entrepreneurial Business

Institute of Family & Entrepreneurial Business

The Institute of Family and Entrepreneurial Business (IFEB) at the LAU Adnan Kassar School of Business was founded in the year 2000. LAU was a pioneer in addressing this topic in Lebanon and the Middle East, which gave it the advantage of the first mover in its industry. 

Since its inception, the institute started organizing yearly activities and seminars on topics related to family businesses and corporate governance. The institute organized a conference on corporate governance in the year 2002 and was the first to address this topic regionally.

IFEB provides a forum for developing and sharing knowledge about family-owned businesses and to that end develops educational programs that support individuals and families in the growth and continuity of successful family businesses. The institute has also established the Family Business Network, which organizes conferences and gatherings for family business owners. Continual research also leads to several annual publications (book chapters and conference proceedings) and awards. 


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