Faculty and Staff

Dr. Leila Dagher

Associate Professor, and Assistant to the President for Public Policy

Dr. Leila Dagher is Assistant to the President for Public Policy and Associate Professor of Economics at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and has been an adjunct lecturer at the George Washington University (GWU) since 2016. She currently serves as an editor for Energy Policy, as well as on the editorial boards for Finance Research Letters and Utilities Policy. Dr. Dagher is a Senior Fellow at the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, Research Fellow at the Economic Research Forum, and serves on the steering committee of the Mashreq Gender Facility. She has previously served in various capacities including Economic Adviser to several public officials, Director of the Institute of Financial Economics at the American University of Beirut (AUB), and Chairperson of the Department of Economics (AUB).

Dr. Dagher is a regular participant in academic and policy debates. Her research applies her econometric knowledge to the areas of energy, environmental, and financial economics with a focus on producing policy-relevant studies. She has published more than 25 peer-reviewed articles. Her work has appeared in leading academic journals such as the Energy Journal, Resources Policy, Energy Economics and in more widely accessible forums.

Dr. Dagher received her Bachelor of Engineering from the American University of Beirut and her Ph.D. in Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines. Before joining the LAU, Dr. Dagher has taught for 15 years at the AUB as well as several visiting stints including Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Teaching Interests

Research Interests

Selected Publications

(* Corresponding author, IF: Impact Factor from Journal Citation Reports)

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