Executive MBA

Location: LAU Executive Center, Downtown Beirut. 
Duration: one and a half years. 
Total Credits: 36.
Program Delivery: every two weekends Friday evenings and Saturdays, from mid-October to mid-September. 

The EMBA program at LAU, which was initiated in February 2000, was the first to be offered in Lebanon and the Middle East. Since then, dozens of executives have graduated from the program and currently hold top management positions in many well-known institutions.

The EMBA allows you to earn quality executive training and education while attending to the senior responsibilities in your respective organizations, and is developed to enhance your managerial as well as leadership skills. The courses and seminars in all areas of business are offered at flexible times to suit the professionals’ busy lifestyle. All courses are offered during the weekend.

The program is enriched by the diversity of its student body, which brings value to the offered courses and to the overall learning outcome, especially with the possibility of sharing experiences. EMBA students of different backgrounds join the program –  engineering, pharmacy, law and business, among others. 

Joining the EMBA at LAU will give you the privilege of enrolling in a rewarding endeavor. You will be taught and trained by a team of highly experienced faculty as well as professionals with significant experience. You will be exposed to the latest theoretical and practical management techniques to be applied in managerial situations.

Program Philosophy

Learning is a continuous process throughout individuals’ careers. Thus, the purpose of the EMBA is to allow experienced professionals in Lebanon and the Middle East to combine a full-time career with a high-quality executive education. A wide range of course offerings allows students to develop expertise in several areas of business, namely accounting, banking and finance, economics, statistics, management and marketing.
Such diversity aims at providing candidates from various academic backgrounds with the ability to comprehend the latest theories and applications in all aspects of business, and to apply the acquired course material to real-life managerial situations.

Program Goals

In line with the philosophy, the program intends to help candidates:

  • Appropriate techniques to effectively solve business problems.
  • Possess leadership capabilities.
  • Possess an understanding of the ethical and social dimensions of the decision-making process.
  • Possess professional communication skills.

Program Outcomes

The graduate will be able to:

  • Select and analyze relevant data and propose an effective solution to a business problem.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills.
  • Evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in a business case.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

 Career Prospects

The EMBA program is designed to advance the candidates’ careers by honing their strategic management skills acquired through their professional experience, as well as enable them to become a valuable asset in their companies.