Program Requirements

EMBA students should complete a total of 24 courses. On average, 21 courses are offered annually. Each course carries 1.5 credit hours, equivalent to 21 hours of classroom sessions. 

Students can enroll in one course every two weekends, according to the following schedule:

  • Courses are offered on Friday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every two weekends.
  • Up to 12 credits offered by the institutes at the Adnan Kassar School of Business can be granted toward the EMBA program, subject to meeting the standards set by the program’s administration.

All candidates should complete a total of 36 credits composed of the following:

- Core Requirements (18 credits)
- Elective Requirements (18 credits)

Typical EMBA Study Plan (pdf)

Core Requirements (18 credits)

Number Course Cr.
ACC711  Accounting for Executives 1.5
ECO710 Applied Economics for Executives 1.5
FINA712 Executive Business Finance 1.5
FINA721 Corporate Financial Strategy 1.5
HRM754 Global Human Resource Management 1.5
MGT711 Strategic Management (Capstone course) 1.5
MGT727 Managerial Negotiations 1.5
MGT734 Business Legal Environment, Ethics & Social Responsibility 1.5
MGT751 Executive Leadership & Communication Skills 1.5
MKT711  Marketing Management for Executives 1.5
MKT735 Marketing Communications 1.5
QBA730 Business Analytics for Executives 1.5

Elective Requirements (18 credits)

Students may choose any 12 courses of the following electives:

Number Course Cr.
ACC741 Financial Analysis 1.5
ACC781 Selected Topics in Accounting1  1.5
ECO716 Monetary Theory and Policy 1.5
ECO717 Fiscal Theory and Policy 1.5
ECO726 Econometrics and Forecasting 1.5
ECO781 Selected Topics in Economics1  1.5
FIN723 Bank Capital Management 1.5
FIN724 Bank Liquidity and Credit Management 1.5
FIN740  Investment Analysis 1.5
FIN747 Financial Risk Management 1.5
FIN781 Selected Topics in Finance1  1.5
Hospitality & Tourism  
HOM741  Issues in Hospitality and Tourism 1.5
HOM781 Selected Topics in Hospitality and Tourism1  1.5
ITM711 ITM for Executives 1.5
ITM781 Selected Topics in ITM1  1.5
MGT718  Executive Organizational Behavior 1.5
MGT720 Global Management 1.5
MGT721  Corporate Governance 1.5
MGT731 Leading Organizational Change 1.5
MGT756 Project Management and Planning 1.5
MGT777 Leadership Boot Camp 1.5
MGT781 Selected Topics in Management1  1.5
MKT714  Advanced Consumer Behavior 1.5
MKT725 Strategic Marketing Research 1.5
MKT731 Advertising Strategy 1.5
MKT781 Selected Topics in Marketing1  1.5
Operations Management  
OPM711 Executive Operations Management 1.5

1 Courses that may be taken more than once for credit when topics differ.