Master of Laws

Location: LAU Beirut. 
Duration: one year for law background); two years for non-law background.
Total Credits: 30 for law background; 54  for non-law background.

This program is designed for candidates who want to get insightful learning in the theories and practices that govern business rules and regulations, while strengthening their knowledge foundation in the field. The LLM draws on the academic and practical expertise of its faculty, as well as the School’s general business and specialization strengths.  

The program’s mission is to prepare high-caliber legal advisers and advocates who are conversant in the best international practices of this field and of related business topics, and who are committed to serving both public and private sectors. Through small classes, accomplished faculty, close interaction and experiential learning, students of law and non-law backgrounds will receive an intensive graduate law education in theoretical and practical settings. 

Program Goals

The LLM intends to support students and enable them to: 

  • Develop a deepened understanding of law in a variety of contexts.
  • Formulate research questions and develop appropriate research methodologies.
  • Write clearly and in an appropriate legal style, in accordance with legal writing standards.
  • Display the ability to deal with different types of legal systems and laws
  • Develop the ability to analyze, articulate and write on the subject, by linking previous or current experience with an academic inquiry.
  • Have a critical understanding of the main legal, economic and financial matters pertaining to the entire life-cycle of a corporation in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.
  • Have a sound understanding of fundamental concepts of finance and economics which are necessary for a holistic understanding of the context in which corporate law and regulation operate.
  • Work with international legal materials and to grasp the legal implications of transactions involving international institutions and corporations.
  • Be aware of the theoretical and practical challenges created by the globalization of law and business and the increasing cross-border mobility of corporation.
  • Demonstrate self-direction and originality in tackling and solving legal problems.

Program Outcomes

With an LLM from LAU, you will acquire an advanced legal knowledge in the field of business and transnational contract law.
our program allows you to critically evaluate the legal rules, regulations, theories and underlying policies related to corporate law. You will investigate and apply principles and rules found in various areas of corporate law to novel problems, as well as real-world and hypothetical scenarios.

Career Prospects

Getting the LLM degree at AKSOB prepares students for working in local, regional and multinational organizations in:

- Consultancy
- Finance Analysis
- Intellectual Property
- Employee Policies
- Contracts
- Acquisitions
- Legal Research