Master of Arts in Applied Economics

Location: LAU Beirut.
Duration: two years (full-time) 
Total Credits: 30.
Department: Economics

The study of economics has changed considerably since the introduction of mathematical and econometric methods of analysis. The Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Economics provides interested candidates with an in-depth understanding of economic theory and applied quantitative methods.

The program prepares future professionals for jobs as applied economists in the private and public sectors. The student will learn how to gather, read and assess economic data, as well as conduct relevant policy analyses that are most valued by businesses, organizations, and policymakers. The program is also designed to be an intermediate step to the PhD in Economics or related fields.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the MA in Applied Economics the graduate will: 

  • Possess advanced knowledge in the areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. 
  • Be capable of using economic theory and econometric models for assessing public policies.
  • Understand and work with advanced macroeconomic and microeconomic models.
  • Apply advanced mathematical and econometric techniques to analyze economic data.
  • Interpret and critically evaluate articles in the economics research literature.
  • Use advanced economic theory and empirical methods to evaluate public policy decisions.
  • Critically analyze government economic policies.

Career Prospects

The MA in Applied Economics will open doors to many opportunities of growth and of better income. 
Since applied economics deals with the application of theories and research, graduates may find diversified jobs in business, government, social development and non-profit organizations, consultancy, among others. The student may be able to pursue a PhD and continue in academia or work in: 

  • Corporate Business Economics/ Financial Consultancy
  • Research
  • Government Consultancy
  • International Affairs
  • Policy Making and Assessment