Program Requirements

Department: Economics

The program consists of 30 credits with core courses emphasizing advanced microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and quantitative methods. A selection of diverse topics totaling 12 credits constitute the elective component. The topic courses survey current policy issues in local, regional and international contexts..

To obtain the MA degree, students should complete a total of 30 credits composed of:

- Core Requirements (15 credits)
- Elective Requirements (12 credits)
- Capstone Project (3 credits)

The capstone project involves work outside LAU with external parties (banks, research institutes, specialized regional and international organizations and agencies).

The project will be supervised by a faculty member from the Department of Economics during the last semester.

Typical Study Plan (pdf)

Core Requirements (15 credits)

Number Course Cr. 
ECO822 Advanced Macroeconomics 3
ECO821 Advanced Microeconomics 3
ECO831 Applied Econometrics I 3
ECO832 Applied Econometrics II 3
ECO840 Mathematical Methods for Applied Economics 3

Electives (12 credits with minimum 6 credits in economics)

Number Course Cr. 
ECO850 Environmental and Resource Economics            3
ECO835 International Monetary Theory and Policy          3
ECO852 Public Economics 3
ECO855 Growth, Business Cycles and Economic Policy 3
ECO880 Special Topics in Economics                              3
ECO861 Economic Policies in the Middle East                   3
ECO863 Challenges of Economic Development in the Middle East    3
FIN861 Financial Management 3
FIN863 Financial Derivatives  3
FIN836 Modern Portfolio Management 3
FIN835 Commercial Bank Management 3

MA Project (3 credits)

Number Course  Cr.
ECO898 Applied Economics Project 3