Minor in Hospitality & Tourism Management

This program is offered by the Department of Hospitality Management & Marketing.

Why Minor in Hospitality and Toursim Management?

This minor provides LAU students with the opportunity to capitalize on business education as a starting point for a career in hospitality and tourism management. It is for students who wish to get an insight into this services industry and the vast category of fields it holds.  

Program Objectives

  • Familiarize the student with the scope of the travel and tourism industry and its economic and cultural impact on local, national and international markets.
  • Increase the chances of student employability in many areas where their primary fields interact with Hospitality and Tourism in the employment spheres.
  • Prepare students for work in hotels, restaurants, theme parks, food processing as well as travel and tourism-related businesses.

Minor Course Requirements

To obtain the minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management, the student would have to complete a total of 18 credits distributed as follows:

Core Requirements (18 credits)

Number Course Cr.

HOM 202

Hospitality and Tourism Management


HOM 203 Food and Beverage Concept Development 3
HOM 205 Lodging Management and Operations 3
HOM 217 Housekeeping Management and Operations  1
HOM 231 Wine, Spirits and Cigars 1
HOM 239 Business Etiquette and Protocol   1
HOM 250 Food Preparation I 3
HOM 321 Tourism Economic and Cultural Impact 3