Minor in Hospitality & Tourism Management

This program is offered by the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Why Minor in Hospitality and Toursim Management?

This minor provides LAU students with the opportunity to capitalize on business education as a starting point for a career in hospitality and tourism management. It is for students who wish to get an insight into this services industry and the vast category of fields it holds.  

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the degree minor, the graduate will be able to:

Minor Course Requirements

To obtain the minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management, the student would have to complete a total of 18 credits distributed as follows:

Core Requirements (18 credits)

Number Course Cr.

HOM 202

Hospitality and Tourism Management


HOM 203 Food and Beverage Concept Development 3
HOM 205 Lodging Management and Operations 3
HOM 217 Housekeeping Management and Operations  1
HOM 231 Wine, Spirits and Cigars 1
HOM 239 Business Etiquette and Protocol   1
HOM 250 Food Preparation I 3
HOM 321 Tourism Economic and Cultural Impact 3