Dr. Walid Marrouch


Walid Marrouch is an associate professor of economics and is currently the associate chair of the Department of Economics at Adnan Kassar School of Business. He holds a PhD in Applied Economics from HEC Montréal and an MA in Economics from Concordia University, Canada. He is actively involved in academic research in addition to consultancy work for a number of international organizations. He is also an associate fellow at the Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO) in Montreal, Canada.

Teaching Interests

  •     Microeconomic Analysis
  •     Economic Problems and Policy Analysis
  •     Microeconomics
  •     Intermediate Microeconomics
  •     Business Economics
  •     Environmental Economics
  •     Advanced Microeconomics
  •     Environmental and Resource Economics

Research Interests

  •     Environmental and Resource Economics
  •     Energy Economics
  •     Industrial Organization
  •     Applied Game Theory
  •     Development Economics

Selected Publications

Chapter in Book:

Benchekroun, H., Marrouch, W., & Ray Chaudhuri, A.(2017). Adaptation technology and free-riding incentives in international environmental agreements. In: Economics of International Environmental Agreements: A Critical Approach, O. Kayalca, S. Cagatay and H. Mihci (eds.), chapter 11, 204-228, Routledge U.K.

Articles in Refereed Journals:

Coutts, A., Daoud, A., Fakih, A., Marrouch, W., & Reinsberg, B. (2018). Guns and butter? Military expenditure and health spending on the eve of the Arab Spring. Forthcoming, Defence and Peace Economics.

Dibeh, G., Fakih, A. & Marrouch, W. (2018). Labor Market and Institutional Drivers of Youth Irregular Migration in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Forthcoming, Journal of Industrial Relations.

Dibeh, G., Fakih, A. & Marrouch W. (2018). Decision to Emigrate Amongst the Youth in Lebanon. International Migration, 56(1), 5-22. (Lead Article)

Lazkano, I., Marrouch W. & Nkuiya, B. (2016). Adaptation to Climate Change: How does Heterogeneity in Adaptation Costs Affect Climate Coalitions?Environment and Development Economics, 21(6), 812-838.

Marrouch, W. & Ray Chaudhuri, A.(2016). International Environmental Agreements: Doomed to Fail or Destined to Succeed? A Review of the LiteratureInternational Review of Environmental and Resource Economics, 9(3-4), 245-319.

Nkuiya, B., Marrouch, W. & Bahel, E. (2015). International Environmental Agreements under Endogenous Uncertainty. Journal of Public Economic Theory, 17(5), 752-772. 

Bahel, E., Marrouch, W. & Gaudet, G. (2013). The Economics of Oil, Biofuel and Food Commodities. Resource and Energy Economics, 35(4), 599-617.  

Leroux, J. & Marrouch, W. (2012). Bargaining with Linked Disagreement Points. Strategic Behavior and the Environment, 2(3), 259-277.

Marrouch, W. & Sinclair-Desgagné, B. (2012). Emission Taxes when Pollution Depends on Location. Environment and Development Economics, 17(4), 433-443.

Ben Sita, B., Marrouch, W. & Abosedra, S. (2012). Short-Run Price and Income Elasticity of Gasoline Demand: Evidence from Lebanon. Energy Policy, 46, 109-115.