Dr. Ghassan Dibeh


Ghassan Dibeh is a professor of economics and the chair of the Department of Economics at the Lebanese American University. He holds a BA in Physics as well as an MA and PhD in Economics from the University of Texas. He is the editor of the journal Review of Middle East Economics and Finance published by De Gruyter Press. His research appeared in journals such as Physica A, Review of Political Economy, Energy Economics, Computational Economics, Journal of International Development and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as in edited books. He served as senior economic advisor at the Ministry of Labor in Lebanon, and held consultancy positions in projects related to economic development in Lebanon.

Teaching Interests

  •     Fundamentals of Political Economy
  •     Mathematical Methods for Economics
  •     Economic Growth
  •     Intermediate Macroeconomics
  •     Financial Economics

Research Interests

  •     Macroeconomics
  •     Mathematical Methods
  •     Political Economy
  •     Business Cycles
  •     Economic and Financial Crises

Selected Publications

Dibeh, G., Fakih, A., Marrouch, W., & Matar, G. Who cares about environmental quality in the MENA region?Social Indicators Research, volume 157, issue 2, September 2021, pp. 603–629.

Dibeh, G., Fakih, A., & Marrouch, W. (2019). Tourism–growth nexus under duress: Lebanon during the Syrian crisis, forthcoming, Tourism Economics.

Dibeh, G., Fakih, A. & Marrouch W. (2018). Decision to Emigrate Amongst the Youth in LebanonInternational Migration, 56(1), 5-22.(Lead Article)

Dibeh, G. & Harmanani, H. (2012). A Stochastic Chartist-Fundamentalist Model with Time Delays. Computational Economics, 40 (2), 105-113. doi: 10.1007/s10614-012-9329-8

Dibeh, G. (2011). “Resources, Conflict, and State Fragility: Iraq and Somalia, in Naudé, W., Santos-Paulino, A.U. & McGillivray M. (Eds.), Fragile States Causes, Costs, and Responses (68-88). United States: Oxford University Press

Dibeh, G. (2008). The Business Cycle in Postwar Lebanon. Journal of International Development, 20(2), 145-160.

Dibeh, G. (2007). Contagion effects in a chartist-fundamentalist model with time delays. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 382, 52-57.

Dibeh, G. (2001). Time Delays and Business Cycles: Hilferding’s Model Revisited. Review of Political Economy, 13(3), 329-341.