Dr. Khodr Fakih


Khodr Fakih received a Bachelor of Law (LLB) from the Lebanese University, a Master of Laws (LLM) with honor and a Doctorate of Juridical Science from Northwestern University School of Law. Dr. Fakih is the Director of Legal Studies and the coordinator of Business Law at the Adnan Kassar School of Business. His research and teaching interests including American/Lebanese Business/Corporate Law, International/Domestic Arbitration Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Business Ethics.

Teaching Interests

  • Business Law
  • Arbitration Law
  • Business Ethics

Research Interests

  • American/Lebanese Business and Corporate Law
  • Business Ethics
  • International Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Arbitration Law

Executive Training

Offered numerous seminars and workshops including advanced lectures in alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), litigation, corporate law, family law, merger and acquisition law, international business transaction, privatization, human rights, business ethics.

Conducted numerous civil rights seminars in Lebanon and abroad.

Attended seminar/workshop about developing university curriculum about negotiation and mediation at the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group Downtown) 18-12-2012.

Consulting Activities

  • Offshore and Lebanese Limited liability companies.
  • American Companies (LLC/Partnerships).
  • Providing legal works to many American pharmaceutical companies.
  • Arbitration Law.

Selected Publications

Fakih, K. & Al Zahr, S. (2015). The Discrimination between National and Foreign Investors in the Lebanese Corporate Law, Journal of International Company and Commercial Law Review I.C.C.L.R, (3).

Fakih, K., El Khalil, R. & Zeaiter, H. (2015). Economic Development and Sub-Regional Identities. Journal of Developing Areas, 49(1), 157-176. 

Fakih, K. (2015). The Lebanese Judicial System: An Overview of the Judiciary’s Roles to Safeguard National Security. Jurisprudence Journal.

Fakih, K. (2014). The One-Member Company: A Comparative Study of the One-Member Company in France, Europe, the United States and Lebanon. Journal of International Company and Commercial Law Review I.C.C.L.R., 2014(6).

Fakih, K. (2014). The Ombudsman: Different Terminologies Same Missions. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Fakih, K. (2013). Commercial Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Middle East and in the West. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge. 

Fakih, K. (2012). Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Alternative Dispute Resolution. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge.