Leadership & Administration

School Officers

Dr. Wassim Shahin, Interim Dean

Dr. Abdallah Dah, Associate Dean

Dr. Said Ladki, Associate Dean for Accreditation

Dr. Guy Assaker, Assistant Dean

Department Chairs 

Dr. Ghassan Dibeh, Economics

Dr. Wissam Abdallah, Finance and Accounting

Dr. Maya Farah, Hospitality Management and Marketing

Dr. Raed El Khalil, Information Technology and Operations Management

Dr. Josiane Sreih, Management Studies

Associate Chairs

Dr. Ali Fakih, Economics

Dr. Rabih Nehme, Finance and Accounting

Dr. Rania Haddad, Hospitality Management and Marketing

Program Directors

Dr. Jalal Armache, EMBA

Dr. Elias Raad, MBA


Office of the Dean

Ms. Lina Abou Chacra
Career and Placement Officer
Office of the Dean, Beirut
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1775
Email: lina.abouchacra@lau.edu.lb

Ms. Lara Hariz
Assessment Officer
Office of the Interim Associate Dean of the School of Business, Beirut
Ext. 1119
Email: lara.hariz@lau.edu.lb

Ms. Georgina Gergi Elias
Senior Executive Assistant
Office of the Dean, Byblos
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 2355
Email: ggergi@lau.edu.lb

Ms. Maya Khoury
Lead Academic Assistant
Office of the Dean, Beirut
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1237
Email: maya.khoury03@lau.edu.lb

Ms. Samar Aad Makhoul
Accreditation and Continuous Improvement  
Office of the Dean, Beirut/Byblos
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1967
Email: samar.makhoul@lau.edu.lb



Ms. Jihane Abou Ibrahim
Academic Assistant
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1846
E-mail: jihane.abouibrahim@lau.edu.lb

Finance and Accounting

Ms. Razan Ayoub
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1586
E-mail: razan.ayoub01@lau.edu.lb

Hospitality Management and Marketing

Ms. Faten Dabboussi
Senior Executive Assistant
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1441
E-mail: faten.dabboussi@lau.edu.lb

Mr. Georges Tamer
Senior Lab Supervisor
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1870
E-mail: georges.tamer@lau.edu.lb

Information Technology and Operations Management 

Ms. Nuhad Karkouti
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1356
Email: nuhad.karkuti@lau.edu.lb

Mr. Ziad El Bahloul
Academic Computer Center Senior Administrator
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1133
E-mail: ziad.bahloul@lau.edu.lb

Mr. Richard Raymond-Issa
Computer Lab Supervisor
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 2357
E-mail: richard-raymond.issa@lau.edu.lb

Management Studies

Ms. Karina Indus Kahwaji
Academic Assistant 
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1244
E-mail: karina.indus@lau.edu.lb


Ms. Fida Haidar
Program Officer; MBA, EMBA
Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1169
Email: fida.haidar@lau.edu.lb