Bachelor of Science in Economics

Location: LAU Beirut & Byblos.
Duration: three years (for students admitted as sophomores).
Total Credits: 92.

The only AACSB accredited economics program in Lebanon

Economics is a social science that studies the allocation of scarce resources, welfare implications of resource allocation, markets, problems of economic growth and development of nations, questions of political economy, and government regulation and public policies.

The BS in Economics degree, which introduces students to the theory and application of economic analysis, is an excellent preparation for graduate studies in economics (see MA in Applied Economics), business, finance, law, public administration, sociology, international relations and other related fields. 

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Program Goals

The BS in Economics aims to offer candidates a deep understanding of business markets, organizations, trade, government and business policies. 

The graduate will:

  • Possess knowledge of core economic principles, theories and quantitative tools.
  • Have the ability to use economic analysis for the solution of business and organizational problems.
  • Have an understanding of the workings of economic policy instruments and objectives, and the linkages between the public sector and the private economy.
  • Use written and oral communication effectively.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the degree requirements, the graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key economic principles and theories of the macro and micro dimensions of market economies.
  • Express economic relationships using graphical and mathematical tools, and to empirically examine such relationships using regression methods.
  • Propose a solution to a business or economic problem using qualitative and quantitative reasoning.
  • Identify and evaluate the social and ethical implications of economic policy, theory and the market economy.
  • Deliver an effective oral presentation.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication.

Career Prospects                                              

The BS in Economics provides students with the foundations of theoretical and applied economics. Students are prepared to work after graduation in business, government, international organizations and finance. 

With a Bachelor of Science in Economics, areas in which the graduate may pursue a career are: 

- Economic Consultancy
- Public Sector
- Management Consultancy
Business and Economic Reporting
- Policy Advising for Local and International Organizations
- Statistics
- Investment
- Financial Risk