Dr. Zahy Ramadan

Zahy Ramadan is an Assistant Professor of Marketing. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Manchester Business School, an MBA and a BSc in Business Marketing with Distinction, both from LAU. His research is focused on social media saturation, brand-consumer relationships and shopper marketing.

Ramadan is also a Chartered Marketer (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and has 17 years of work experience covering the Near-East, Arabian Peninsula and Asia-Pacific markets across several industries, namely FMCG, luxury goods and consumer electronics. He has also conducted several workshops in Asia-Pacific, specifically China and South Korea, on shopper marketing, in-store retail fundamentals and SKU-mix strategy. 

Teaching Interests

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Management 
  • Marketing Communications
  • Shopper Marketing

Research Interests

  • Social Media Saturation
  • Online Brand Communities Addiction
  • Brand-Consumer Relationship
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Shoppers’ First Moment of Truth in Social Networking Environments

Consulting Activities

  • Consulting workshops for a leading global pharmaceutical company on creating the in-pharmacy environment to Improve patient care in the Arab countries’ pharmacy channel (2016).
  • Consulting for a leading regional FMCG company on the Route to Market Digital Strategy for the Omni-Channel Arab Shopper (2015).
  • Development of a marketing activation plan for a regional telecom company (2015).
  • Consulting project for ACDI/VOCA and USAID – Devising the Gulf market strategy and implementation for Lebanese exporters through the Lebanese Business linkage Initiative (2011)
  • Acted as the global lead on consumer and shopper insight development for Samsung as well as being a category strategist and retail insights developer covering the Chinese market  (2012-2013)
  • Key consulting projects developed and delivered to Samsung, PepsiCo China, Mattel, and Wrigley (2012-2013)

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals:

Ramadan, Z., Abosag, I. and Zabkar, V. (2018), “All in the Value: The Impact of Brand and Social Network Relationships on the Perceived Value of Customer’s Endorsed Facebook Advertising”, European Journal of Marketinghttps://doi.org/10.1108/EJM-03-2017-0189

Ramadan, Z., Farah M. and Dukenjian A. (2018), “A Typology of Social Media Followers: The case of luxury brands”, Marketing Intelligence & Planninghttps://doi.org/10.1108/MIP-01-2018-0039  (forthcoming)

Ramadan, Z. (2018). The gamification of trust: the case of China’s “social credit”. Marketing Intelligence & Planning36(1), 93-107. https://doi.org/10.1108/MIP-06-2017-0100

Farah, M. & Ramadan, Z. (2017). Disruptions versus more disruptions: How the Amazon dash button is altering consumer buying patternsJournal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol.39 November 2017, 54-61, doi:10.1016/j.jretconser.2017.07.005

Ramadan, Z. & Mrad, M. (2017). Fashionable Stereotypes and Evolving Trends in the United Arab Emirates. Customer Needs and Solutions, 1-9, doi:10.1007/s40547-017-0073-z

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Ramadan, Z., Farah, M.F. & Mrad, M. (2016). An Adapted TPB Approach to Consumers’ Acceptance of Service Delivery Drones. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. doi:10.1080/09537325.2016.1242720 

Chapters in Books:

Ramadan, Z. and Abosag, I., (2017). “The Mystique of Customers’ Saturation Behaviour in Online Brand Communities”, in Consumer Behavior, Sabah, S., InTech: Rijeka, ISBN 978-953-51-5393-1.

Ramadan, Z. & Abosag, I. (2016). “Understanding Online Brand Relationships in Western Asia: The Case of Lebanon and Saudi Arabia”. In Melewar, T.C., Nguyen, B. and Schultz, D.E. (Eds), Asia Branding: Connecting Brands, Consumers and Companies. Palgrave Macmillan. 

Abosag, I., Martin, F. & Ramadan, Z. (2016). “Social Media and Branding in Asia: Threats and Opportunities”, in Melewar, T.C, Nguyen, B. and Schultz, D.E. (Eds), Asia Branding: Connecting Brands, Consumers and Companies. Palgrave Macmillan.

In Refereed Conferences:

Farah, M.F. and Ramadan, Z. (2017). The Rise of the Impulsive Shopper: The Case of the Amazon Dash Button. Association for Consumer Research, San Diego, United States, 26-29th October.

Abosag, I. and Ramadan, Z. (2017). The Paradox of Brand Similarity with Customer Uniqueness on Social Network Sites’ Satisfaction. The AM Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group (SIG), Kalmar, Sweden, 26-28th April.

Ramadan, Z. & Abosag, I. (2016, April 27-29). The Co-Creation of Social Reputation; The Effect of Consumer – Social Networking Site’s Relationship on Socially Advertised Brands.  Paper presented at the AM Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group (SIG) conference, Bradford, UK. 

Ramadan, Z., Mrad, M. & Farah, M.F. (2015, October 28-31). A Contemporary Challenge in the Globalization of Service Technology; Moving from Self-Service Technologies to Drone-Delivery Interfaces.Paper presented at the EAMSA Theory and Practice in Bridging Europe and Asia: Contemporary Challenges in International Marketing, London, UK. 

Ramadan, Z. & Abosag, I. (2015). From Community Addicts to Disengaged: The influence of Saturation on Consumer-Brand Relationship. Paper Presented at The AM Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group (SIG), Turku, Finland.

Ramadan, Z. & Abosag, I. (2014). Saturated Nation; Online Brand Communities’ Addiction & its Effect on Consumer-Brand Relationships. Paper presented at Brands and Brand Relationships 2014 Conference, Boston, US.

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Ramadan, Z. & Abosag, I. (2012). Customers’ Satisfaction in online communities and its impact on brand-customer relationship. Paper presented  In the 20th International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing (ICRM), Nottingham, United Kingdom.


Ramadan, Z. and Farah, M.F. (2017), The Dawn of ‘Guerrilla Marketing’: The alteration of consumers’ attitudes towards retailers and their usage of various social media platforms [Kindle Edition], Retrieved from Amazon.com.