Master of Business Administration

In support of the School of Business mission the MBA program provides students with high quality education that managers seek to be able to solve complex problems in their organizations in a global business environment. The MBA program graduates business professionals with solid analytical, communication and leadership skills in an ethical framework. The program is developed to expose students to all functional areas in business such as management, finance, accounting, economics, statistics, MIS and marketing covered in six core courses and seven elective courses.

Since 1981, LAU has prepared men and women for key roles in managerial and professional positions in business and public organizations. In offering the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, LAU draws on a substantial and growing experience in undergraduate business education to provide a significant opportunity for advanced education to seekers of a business career from business or non-business background. Thus, the curriculum has been adapted to meet their diverse needs. In order to make the program accessible to those already active in management, a provision has been made for part-time students with classes at conveniently scheduled times.

MBA Students must complete a total of 39 credits (21 credits for the core and 18 credits for the elective and research requirements). Students with non-business background are required to take remedial courses as decided by the school.

All candidates for the Master of Business Administration degree must satisfy the following requirements:

Core Requirements (21 credits)




ECO811 Business Economics 3
MGT831 Management Theory 3
MKT841 Marketing Management 3
QBA851 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
ACC821 Financial Accounting 3
FIN861 Financial Management  3
MGT851 Leadership, Ethics & Team Management 3



Students can choose to pursue one of the following remaining options for graduation:

·         Take Six courses from the following list.

·         Take Five courses from the following list and BUS898 Project in Business.

·         Take Four courses from the following list and BUS899 Thesis in Business.

MBA Electives (18 credits)




ACC822 Management Accounting 3
ACC830 Financial Statement Analysis 3
ACC880 Special topics in Accounting 3
ECO880 Special topics in Economics 3
FIN835 Commercial Bank Mgt. 3
FIN836 Modern Portfolio Mgt. 3
FIN837 International Business 3
FIN863 Financial Derivatives 3
FIN880 Special Topics in Finance 3
HOM880 Special Topics in Hospitality & Tourism 3
ITM832 Management Systems  3
ITM880 Special Topics in Information Technology Mgt. 3
MGT833 Personnel Mgt. & HRD 3
MGT834 Project Planning and Mgt. 3
MGT839 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT872 Business Policy and Planning 3
MGT874 Trends Management  3
MGT875 Business Strategy & Innovation Mgt. 3
MGT880 Special topics in Management 3
MKT840 Marketing Research Analysis 3
MKT842 International & Global Marketing 3
MKT880 Special topics in Marketing 3
OPM880 Special topics in Operations & Production Mgt. 3
QBA880 Special topics in Quant. Bus. Analysis 3
BUS898 Project in Business 3
BUS899 Thesis in Business 6



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