Minor in Business

Why Minor in Business?

The Minor in Business will provide the LAU general student community with the opportunity to combine a good understanding of business with their primary studies.

No matter what your field is, a minor in business will provide you with the basic knowledge in economics and business areas like finance, management and marketing, and with essential tools that would be applied and proven useful in the real world. The business minor puts a proper perspective to the changing global market, enabling a solid grounding in general professional competence. 

Minor Course Requirements

To obtain the Minor in Business, the student would be required to complete a total of 18 credits distributed as follows:

Core Requirements (15 credits)

Number Course Cr.
ACC203 Financial Accounting 3
ECO201 or
Introduction to Microeconomics or Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
FIN301* Managerial Finance* 3
MGT201 Introduction to Management 3
MKT201 Introduction to Marketing 3

*prerequisite ACC203

Plus one upper-level course, requiring departmental approval and declaration of minor, from the following list: 

Number Course Cr.
FEM304 Family Business Management1 3
FIN302 Financial Institutions and Markets3 3
HOM304 Hotel Operations 3
MGT301 Organizational Behavior1 3
MGT411 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
MKT304 Consumer Behavior2 3
OPM301  Operation and Production Management 3

prerequisite MGT201
prerequisite MKT201
prerequisite FIN301