Classrooms are equipped with modern technology to enhance instruction & learning.


The business school building on the west end of the Beirut campus houses:

  • Two fully equipped lecture halls, each with 153 seats. 
  • 19 smart classrooms that accommodate between 30 and 60 students each. 
  • A simulation room.

This adds up to more than 1,700 square meters of instruction/lecture space.


The 5,240-square-meter Frem Civic Center has been host to the School in LAU Byblos since 2011. It has the following facilities:

  • Offices, classrooms, labs, several LAU institutes, lecture halls and a state-of-the-art multi-purpose hall.
  • All 12 classrooms in Frem Civic Center are equipped with the latest computer technologies and can accommodate up to 44 students.
  • The School also boasts the latest technologies in video conferencing and presentation management in the two seminar rooms — FCC401C and FCC406.
  • A lecture room that accommodates up to 500 attendees. It is used by the School in lectures and presentations.