Dr. Dunia Harajli


Dunia Harajli is an Assistant Professor of Practice. She teaches Neuromarketing, Cognitive Analytics, Business Communication and Civic Engagement. She joined LAU in 2008.  

Dr. Harajli is an active member in the Neuromarketing Science Business association (NMSBA). She is also a member of the European Marketing Association (EMA) and the Academy of Management (AOM). 

Her research interests include consumer neuroscience, consumer behavior, business ethics education, empathy at work, and workplace spirituality. A certified emotional intelligence trainer (MSCEIT-Yale), she has been incorporating EI in an array of business courses and researching consumer decision-making, economic anxiety, stressful life events, employee well-being and spirituality at work. Her latest research projects with “Neurohm” include Reaction Time Testing (RTT) which measures emotions (nonconscious processing) related to COVID-19 & the Beirut Explosion. Last, her volunteering with the UNDP on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) led to her continuous involvement in many social initiatives.

Teaching Interests

  • Neuromarketing 
  • Cognitive Analysis 
  • Business Communication
  • Civic Engagement

Research Interest

  • Spirituality
  • Workplace spirituality
  • Consumer Neuroscience (Neuromarketing)
  • Cognitive analytics & Consumer Behavior  
  • Marketing, Consumer behavior
  • Brands/consumption and spirituality
  • Employee wellbeing/ spirituality
  • Psychology/philosophy
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Educational leadership
  • Innovative teaching – Gamification

Executive Training

CEP workshops - Neuromarketing (EMBA program) 

Selected Publications

Research in progress: 

  • Target Journal: “Social Networks” : Working title: “How RT allows to deepen the analysis of social networks” (countries included in the analysis Lebanon, Sweden and Spain) 
  • Leadership and Change after COVID-19 by Springer Nature Switzerland: “Another Test of Resilience? The Lebanese Leadership and Human Response During COVID-19”. 

Papers under review:

  • Journal of Personality & Social Psychology (JPSP): “The Impact of COVID-19 crisis on Personal Economic Anxiety in Lebanon: A Neuroscience Based Approach to Data Collection” (September 2020)
  • Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion (JMSR): “Turbulent times, mental illness and productivity:  the moderating role of workplace spirituality” (September 2020)  

Published Book Chapters:

  • “The Palgrave Handbook of Workplace Wellbeing” by Palgrave Macmillan titled “Spiritual Wellbeing of Business School Faculty” (Feb. 2020) 
  • “Methodological Issues in Accounting Research: Theories & Methods” by Spiramus titled “Opening the black box: a practical account of grounded research” co-authored by Vassili Joannides  (2018: Great Britain).  
  • “Organizing through Empathy” by Routledge titled “The source of Empathy in our Lives: An Explanatory Journey into the Realm of Spirituality” co-authored with Dr. Vassili Joannides and published (2013: U.S & Europe) 

Published Articles:

  • An article “Islamic Business Ethics” co-authored with Professor Zafar Ahmed published September 2013 issue (Journal of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (JDFR). 
  • An article “Islam and Diplomacy” was distributed among notable speakers, ministers and audience in an international forum on peace and security and Islam in Kuala Lumpur, March 26th 2012: published December 2013 issue (Journal of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (JDFR))

Published Conference Proceedings: 

  • Journal paper in the proceedings of the European Marketing Association Conference (EMAC, June 2020). “Ethical Perceptions of Social Marketing Campaigns in the Middle East: An Empirical Study of Demographics Differences”: submitted to Track Advertising & Marketing Communications
  • Journal paper in the proceedings of the European Marketing Association Conference (EMAC, May 30th, 2019). “Understanding News Consumption Preferences from a Dual-System Perspective”: University of Hamburg, Germany.