School Activities

LAU Brings America to Beirut

“Discover USA at LAU” – another successful event organized by the Department of Hospitality Management and Marketing.

On May 29, 2015 the Hospitality Club’s “Discover USA at LAU” event in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, transformed LAU Beirut into renowned American cities, with their own unique traits, products, food and setting.

The event was launched in the afternoon with both countries’ anthems. Speeches were delivered by President Joseph G. Jabbra, U.S. Ambassador David Hale, AKSOB  Interim Dean Dr. Said Ladki  and  chair of  HMKT  Dr. Josiane Fahed-Sreih, in the presence of renowned political figures and university executive officers. Jabbra along with Hale and executive officers then took a tour of the scene checking different  kiosks and even participating in some of the games.

The event attendees  —  students, families and individuals of all ages  —  were relishing the diverse offerings of the cities set on different corners of LAU, “visiting” one city after another and enjoying free food and beverages as well as products and entertainment programs. 

On one side, we could find New York City with its high sense of fashion, where well-known brands such as Juicy Couture displayed their stylish wear and offered discounts for the fashion enthusiast. On another side, in Detroit, we could see the car enthusiast checking established brands of all-American muscle cars, SUVs and elegant coupes – of them Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge and Jeep.

People crossed from NY to Texas where the dominant theme was “Texan ranch”. Kids particularly enjoyed Texas as they were challenging each other on the electric bull ride and were having their pictures taken on a horse. Adults attempted archery and shooting sports. We could find several Harley Davidson bikes on display, and this added to the Texan theme. Next to Texas was Las Vegas, where people played and tried their luck at the roulette.  

New Orleans was just across, with a visibly distinguished “Mardi Gras” inspired environment and delicious seafood.

Boston, which was located on LAU’s basketball courts, was full of enthusiasm as attendees sitting at bar tables enjoyed BBQ from Chili’s and beer, while a big screen displayed several kinds of sports games.

It  was an all-round entertaining event showcasing America and some of its important brands from different industries like health, fitness, beauty, food, vehicles and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs); most importantly, the event was filled with pleased people dancing to American hits and enjoying their time. 

This is the department’s  goal in the events they organize like last year’s “A taste of Italy” – to create unique and successful events, which at the same time present a learning platform to their students so the latter would experience, firsthand, how to create the ideal service environment for their customers.