School Activities

Innovation and Leadership: Drivers of Economic and Social Advancement

CEO of AltCity David Nabti shares strategies for promoting creativity and leadership in Lebanon.

Every academic year, the School organizes a series of lectures by guest speakers – business leaders, entrepreneurs and field experts. The principal aim behind the events is to provide the community with timely insights into given business topics that are essential for success in today’s professional world.

On Monday, September 19, 2016, Mr. David Nabti, CEO of AltCity and Bootcamp, visited the Adnan Kassar School of Business to share selected strategies for fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Lebanon. In his presentation  — “Global Innovation and Leadership” —  organized by the Department of Management Studies (MGT), Nabti differentiated between the concepts of applied learning and service learning. He elaborated on the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation, the benefits of cultivating the latter, and how the creative process entailed may be invested toward addressing our nation’s economic and social problems, paving the way for developmental projects and initiatives. He distinctively attended to the important role the university played in promoting a culture of innovation, pointing to its potential in shaping the youth’s way of thinking, which would ultimately lead to the creation of educated, empowered and problem-solving mindsets.

Prior to the lecture, an initial word was delivered by Interim Dean Dr. Said Ladki welcoming the guest and stressing the significance of this topic for the students’ education. Present were the MGT department Chair Dr. Silva Karkoulian, students, faculty members and staff.