Training Explained by Bankmed

The head of talent management and training at the Bank presented the subject to our MBA students.

May 06, 2016


One of AKSOB’s primary goals is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to adapt in a fast-evolving world.  The School gives great importance not only to develop its students’ understanding of theories but also to present them with the necessary practical know-how, making sure they are ready and set to embark on their future journeys.

For this purpose, a great number of activities are scheduled during the year, ranging from workshops to guest lectures, competitions and training. 

In accordance, in March 2016, Bankmed’s Head of Talent Management and Training Rola Ejjeh was invited to Assistant Professor Hussein Ismail’s MBA class — Strategic HRM — to inform the students about the concept of training, its purpose and benefits, as well as the specific training programs implemented at the bank.  

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, where students were engaged with the speaker and interacted with her, asking several questions and wanting to know more about HR and career-related subjects. 


Ejjeh was pleased with the level of interest the students had. She told us, “learning is never a one-way routing, in a classroom setup the most to learn is the teacher and not the students. The intervention I had with LAU students was indeed a fruitful experience to me. The questions that the students posed and the reflections that they made were all lessons and action plans that rejuvenated my ideas and thoughts. I enjoyed those inquisitive faces and sharp looks that made me see the future in the present. All the best to the LAU family and many thanks for having me in class!”

In turn, Ismail expressed his contentment with this session, as this type of interaction and sharing expertise would be crucial for introducing the students to the real business world. He said, “I believe that connecting our students with leaders from the industry is a vital matter for clear reasons, including bridging the gap between theory and practice and giving students the opportunity to participate in Q & A sessions with the guest speaker. Our guest speaker, Mrs. Rola Ejjeh from Bankmed, who has presented about training in our MBA’s Strategic HRM class, is a great example of how corporate leaders from Lebanon can help students make this invaluable connection with the industry. The event which was made possible by LAU’s Ms. Lina Abou Chacra was a very successful one exemplified by the students’ strong engagement in the discussions during the session.”