School Activities

The Kunhadi Competition: Marketing for a Good Cause

The students of the Consumer Behavior class invest their creativity in raising social awareness.

As part of the social responsibility of the Adnan Kassar School of Business to support NGOs, students from the Consumer Behavior class (MKT 304) contributed to the launching of “Flügen Rides” a mobile application initiated by Kunhadi, the leading road safety organization in Lebanon, to encourage young people to use a taxi to return home after a party.

The main objectives of the project were to raise awareness toward the hazards and risks of careless driving, as well as to encourage young people to use a secure taxi instead of their own cars, in order to protect themselves, their friends, as well as other drivers.

Based on a thorough consumer behavior analysis of the riders’ preferences, culture, lifestyle and behavior toward using their cars or other taxis versus using the app, the teams of students analyzed the marketing strengths and weaknesses as well as the threats and opportunities facing this specific app, and came up with creative marketing strategies in order to encourage the use of Flügen Rides to call a taxi.

The teams presented their work to representatives from Kunhadi who dubbed Marc Choucair, Rawan Farage and Hana Mazloum as the winners of the competition.  The winning team was offered a paid internship opportunity at Kunhadi to assist the organization in implementing marketing strategies for launching and developing the app.  

We would like to wish both the Kunhadi team and our students all the very best in this new project.