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Celebrating Excellence in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at LAU

LAU continues to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within its academic community. On April 29, 2024, the second round of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition took place at the Adnan Kassar School of Business (AKSOB). The event featured students from both Beirut and Byblos campuses and involved the School of Pharmacy as well as the School of Business. This exemplified the spirit of innovation and provided participants with invaluable experience in conceptualizing business solutions.

Participants presented their interdisciplinary projects to a distinguished panel of judges, including seasoned board members, industry professionals, and LAU faculty and staff. Dr. Michel Majdalani, who designed the course with an emphasis on experiential learning, praised the students’ journey: “This semester has been one of exploration, creativity, and unwavering dedication. Our students have demonstrated exceptional vision and resilience, transforming concepts into impactful ventures.”

The judging panel comprised prominent figures such as Mr. Michel Bayoud, founder and CEO emeritus of Boecker World Holding; Ms. Catherine Moukheiber, CEO of MedDay Pharmaceuticals and Mr. Bassam Tabshouri, founder and chair of the Healthcare Technology Management and Advancement Society. From LAU, the panel included Dr. Mohammad Mroueh, professor and chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Ms. Annie Seferian, director of the Fouad Makhzoumi Innovation Center; Dr. Grace Dagher, associate chair of the Marketing and Management Departments; and Dr. Michel Majdalani.

Projects were evaluated based on their originality, innovation, feasibility, market potential, business model, social impact, and presentation delivery. The students addressed various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, and competed for cash prizes after receiving tailored coaching sessions.

The competition’s sponsor, Mr. Michel Bayoud, was acknowledged for his pivotal role in encouraging an environment where creativity and entrepreneurship thrive.  He, along with Ms. Moukheiber, Ms. Seferian and Mr. Tabshouri volunteered their time and efforts to provide mentoring sessions to students throughout the semester.

The competition winners were as follows:

First Prize ($2,000 and 10 days of coaching): Vanessa Tarraf and Siham Bazzi for “SIVALume: Skincare Serum,” a nano-based serum derived from yeast.

Second Prize ($1,500 and one week of coaching): Tala Machmouchi, Ghazal El Beb, Nasser Al Allaq, and Rami Youness for “ParaHerba,” a mobile application enhancing integrative wellness in Lebanon.

Third Prize ($1,000 and five days of coaching), a tie between:

“Connect,” an application simplifying the purchase and exchange of concert tickets, by Raymond Bedran and Mohammad Hajj Ali; and

“Oli Pharm,” an online pharmacy service, by Afifeh Massoud, Celine Abboud, and Antoine Khalifeh.

Ms. Seferian, reflecting on the commitment to nurture the next generation of innovators, invited all group winners to the LAU Innovation Center and offered all participants the opportunity for incubation in the next cohort, along with a chance to win a $10,000 prize through the center.

Dr. Majdalani acknowledged the management department’s leadership role in facilitating the event. “We are grateful for the partnerships we forge with our stakeholders. This joint collaborative effort prepared our students to address real-life challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship. The event highlighted LAU’s dedication to excellence, passion for innovation, and commitment to shaping the future through transformative learning, ” he said.