Non-business major students will not be able to register business courses anymore

Effective spring 2013, if you are anon-business major student, you will not be able to register any business course unless you are planning for a  Minor in Business, Advertising, Economics, Legal Studies or a BA in Political Science/International Affairs. In this case, you are allowed to register the below courses:

  • Minor in Business:ACC203, ECO201, ECO202, FEM304, FIN301, FIN302, HOM304, ITM301, MGT201, MGT301, MKT201 & MKT304
  • Minor in Advertising:MKT301
  • Minor in Economics:ECO305, ECO306, ECO311, ECO321, ECO422, ECO330, ECO331, ECO401, ECO402 & ECO410
  • Minor in Legal Studies: BUS213
  • BA in Political Science/International Affairs (old program): ECO422