Career and Placement

Economics x Business Career Roadmap

Ms. Stephanie Bechara, member of the Economics Department,  expertly hosted a successful online event, covering crucial career topics for Economics students.  The session, a resounding success, meticulously detailed the diverse fields and prominent companies where Economics graduates can thrive, both in Lebanon and abroad. Attendees gained invaluable insights into navigating the job market as Ms. Bechara adeptly outlined effective search strategies and application techniques, citing various channels and offering invaluable tips and tricks. Moreover, she  provided a comprehensive guide on maximizing LinkedIn’s potential, from adept navigation to leveraging the platform for job hunting and networking. This online session concluded with a vibrant Q&A segment, where participants enthusiastically engaged, seeking clarification and additional advice. Overall, the expertise and guidance of Ms. Bechara  left a lasting impact, equipping attendees with the knowledge and tools essential for their professional journeys.