Class of 2013: Stepping into a Bright Future

Graduates share tips for current students based on their university experience.

Whatever the future may bring, LAU graduates said they were leaving an institution that fostered their intellect, prepared them for the next stage of their careers, and helped them forge lifelong friendships.

On July 4, 6 and 7, the School of Business graduated 1,043 men and women with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. We spoke with some of them about their experiences and what’s next for them.

“During the few years that I’ve spent at the LAU School of Business, I cannot claim that I know exactly how I’m going to face the many challenges that await me after graduation,” said Ahmed Shaaban ‘13, as he pins his gown and poses for graduation pictures with his friends. “But as I spend my final moments here, I can confidently reflect on the distinctive kind of education that has shaped the way in which I think about those opportunities and challenges,” he said.

Mounes Shibly ‘13 explained the importance of balance, positive relationships and focus. “If you can be focused and you can articulate passion for whatever it is you want to do, you are more likely to get through,” he said, as he prepared for the graduation ceremony.

In a nutshell, our graduates shared the following tips for current students based on their university experience:

Embrace growth — learning is essential for personal development, concurred the alumni.  Set realistic goals at the beginning of each semester and monitor your progress regularly. Develop your skills, read and learn more than everyone around you and be prepared to withstand setbacks.

Get involved — the more you do, the happier you will feel at LAU. Joining a student club or getting more involved with your department can make you really feel a part of something big, whilst giving you valuable life experiences. Even if you don’t feel like giving up a lot of your time to, for example, a committee position on a club, just joining a society can enrich your student experience.

Foster your network — determine what type of people best align with your goals, and build a network of friends that will last lifetime. It relates as much to the things that you do outside of university as the things you do inside. To climb quickly, cultivate your networks and your relationships with people and friends who lift you higher.

The graduates concluded by emphasizing the importance of being proactive. Be passionate about life — career, family and friends.