Preparing for Future Marketing Strategists

LAU team wins 2nd place in the national finals of L’Oréal Brandstorm 2015.

Two teams were selected by the L’Oréal jury to represent LAU in the competition’s national finals on April 24, 2015 after a shortlisting process which was initiated in February.

The LAU teams put forward an impressive analysis of the proposed case study which focused on retail experience strategy. One of the teams won second place, albeit a close call to first place, according to the positive feedback from L’Oréal executives.

The global competition’s 2015 case study allowed students to explore the travel retail division which, according to L’Oréal, was the “6th continent” considering the size of the retail market. The teams were asked to analyze this market and its distribution channels, as well as to define the opportunities Lancôme might have, bearing in mind that beauty, fragrances and cosmetics were among the best-selling products in shops dedicated to travelers.

The L’Oréal Brandstorm worldwide competition, which dates back to 1992, enables teams from universities all over the world to put marketing strategy theories relating to branding, consumer behavior, markets and promotion into practice by formulating innovative and interesting approaches to case studies.

Adnan Kassar School of Business, with its Department of Marketing, is proud of its students who have developed practical skills and have gained real-life exposure of a current area of interest. The school with its faculty and staff will encourage and support future teams to enable them to have a competitive advantage and a valuable learning experience.