And So Their Journey Begins!

Adnan Kassar School of Business graduates of 2015 are ready and set for their future.

The week of June 22 marked the end of a memorable phase and the beginning of a new one for the Adnan Kassar School of Business graduates of 2015.

LAU Byblos commencement exercises, which took place on June 23, joined all the campus’ schools, including AKSOB, in a stunning and broad setting. The commencement was lifted by the presence of LAU’s Board of Trustees, executive officers, faculty and staff, not-to-mention the distinguished honorary guests, including receiver of the honorary doctorate for this year, renowned painter Wajih Nahle. Nahle expressed his pride and gratitude for the privilege LAU awarded him and considered this honor as a motivation to continue in the path of creativity.

On June 27, LAU Beirut celebrated the graduation of its AKSOB students, distributing 713 bachelor, master and executive master degrees.
Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra welcomed the presence of Minister of Education Elias Bou Saab, Minister of Transportation Ghazi Zeaiter, Member of Parliament Atef Majdalani, and of course Chair Adnan Kassar after which the business school was recently named.

Insightful speeches and words of wisdom were given to the graduates and audience by Reverend Souheil Saoud, Chair of the Board of Trustees Dr. Paul Boulos and receiver of the honorary doctorate, global Lebanese designer Elie Selim Saab, who was also the inspiration behind the initiation of the fashion design program at LAU.  

Valedictorian and high-achiever, economics graduate Yasser Abbas, gave thanks to President Jabbra, Provost Najjar, Interim Dean of AKSOB Dr. Said Ladki, Dean of Students Dr. Raed Mohsen and faculty members, especially the ones in the Department of Economics, for making sure the institution was getting the recognition it deserved. He shared a few motivational words with his friends whom he considered family, encouraging them to face challenges with audacity and willpower.

“I will cherish all the relationships I made here at LAU” he proclaimed – he distinguished LAU from other institutions saying that “what LAU does is it builds you so that you can shape the future the way you should do…”

In addressing the graduates who were cheerful and eager to get their degrees, receiver of the honorary doctorate Elie Saab shared the secret to his success – fiery motivation and determination.
He explained to them that success needed the determination component, that their future lied in their education and that their degrees were the key to an extensive world of opportunities. Saab particularly advised graduates not to forget about their country Lebanon, no matter where opportunities may lead them, affirming that Lebanon’s future would imply working together for its development in all areas.  He expressed his gratification in what he had accomplished till today, but his main source of pride lay in his title of “Lebanese designer”.

Saab thanked LAU for this honor and in particular Pres. Jabbra saying that “he is a unique man”.  

In his hopes for LAU graduates of 2015, Jabbra wished that they would always find success, happiness and satisfaction in their future careers; that peace would always live in their hearts and in their homes. He also hoped they would always remember LAU no matter where they were and no matter where they would go.