“An Apple a Day Keeps the Farmer Hooray!”

The office of the Dean of Students and the Department of Hospitality Management & Marketing at LAU collaborate to raise awareness on apple crisis.

The Office of the Dean of Students at LAU Beirut, in collaboration with the Department of Hospitality Management and Marketing (HMKT), held an event on Friday, November 11, 2016, on the Beirut campus. The event aimed to support the Lebanese apple farmers who were recently facing a trading crisis due to high export costs inflicted by the current situation in Syria. Stands showcasing free delicious apple-based desserts prepared by the HMKT department were placed near the campus’ upper gate – apple pies, candy apples and freshly squeezed juice. In addition, the students distributed flyers and organic Lebanese apples, not only as a reminder to help the struggling farmers and engage in solving our country’s problems, but to incorporate apples in our daily diet for their health benefits as well.